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Faculty & Staff Resources

Adding Ebsco Resources to Canvas

Link to an Ebsco Resource (article/ebook) starting from a Canvas Module

  1. Open Canvas and go to a module (or create a new module)
  2. Select the + icon in the module heading
  3. In the Add drop-down menu, select External Tool
  4. In the External Tool menu, Select Library Resources

  1. Select the database(s) you want to search. ALL Ebsco databases are selected by default. Select Continue


  1. Search for an article/ebook (or another resource) in the Ebsco database(s). If looking for a known item, paste in the article title
  2. Click on Add next to any item you want to add

  1. After the article is selected, scroll down in the Add Item window to see the page name
    • Select any indentation and "Load in a new tab" options
    • Click the Add Item button when you are finished

  1. Find the article in the Canvas Module menu and Publish it