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UWW Libraries' Physical Collections

Below are the most commonly used collections in the Andersen and Lenox Libraries:

Browsing Collections

The Browsing collections at the Andersen Library include popular fiction and non-fiction books, audiobooks, CDs, DVDs, graphic novels, and video games. Located on the second floor.

Curriculum Collections

The Curriculum Collections at Andersen Library includes juvenile fiction and nonfiction books, easy books, K-12 textbooks, curriculum guides, kits and games. Located on the second floor.

Government Documents

The Libraries are official, selective depositories for U.S. Federal and Wisconsin documents. The government documents collections are located on the second floor of Andersen Library and the first floor of Lenox Library.

Main Collections

The Main Collection and Main Oversize Collection contain fiction and nonfiction books. They are on the third floor of Andersen Library and the first floor of Lenox Library.

Periodicals Collections

Print and microform magazines, journals and newspapers are on the first floors of both libraries and are for in-library use only. Current issues of newspapers and some popular magazines are also on the second floor at Andersen Library. Note: Most of the libraries' periodicals are available online.

Reference Collection

The Reference Collection at Andersen Library contains dictionaries, encyclopedias, manuals and other books that help locate specific information for either a quick answer or more detailed research. These books are available for 24 hour checkout.

Archives & Area Research Center

The University Archives, the Special Collections, and the Area Research Center (ARC), which is an extension of the Wisconsin Historical Society are located on the first floor of Andersen Library. In addition to the ARC's collections, a courier service allows access to the Wisconsin Historical Society's archives and the collections of ARCs around the state.

Withdrawals & Expirations

Collection Highlights

Andersen Library owns or subscribes to over 1 million items, including:

  • 113,000 ebooks
  • 15,000 print or online journals, magazines, and newspapers
  • 300+ online databases of articles, ebooks, films, and data