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Journalism 305/505 History of Mass Communication: Historical Newspaper/Magazine Articles

See also the "Wisconsin Historical Society" tab in this guide for information about its Full Newspapers Collection.

Also see the Archivist/History Librarian's Finding Historical Newspaper Articles guide.

Finding Articles in Historical Newspapers and Magazines

When searching for newspaper and magazine articles written during the time period your topic occurred, start with one of the databases below. Depending on what years you are researching, there may be additional library databases that may be useful to you. For a complete list of the Library's article databases, see the Databases A-Z by title listing, or see those tagged for history.


Find the Full Text

If an article's full text is not available in a database, click Find It button to see if it is available in other databases or in the libraries' print or microform collections. Or, use Journal Search for a journal, magazine or newspaper title to learn whether and where you may find its full text articles. See also the "How to Use Find It and the Journals Search" guide.

ProQuest Search Tips

Use these commands in ProQuest databases to search within publications:

AND requires both search words to appear, e.g., radio AND television

OR allows either or both search words to appear, e.g., television OR tv

NOT excludes a word, e.g., radio NOT television

Use " " around an exact phrase, e.g., "mass media"

An asterisk (*) on a word stem accepts any endings, e.g., broadcast* will find broadcast, broadcasting, broadcasted, etc.

ProQuest automatically searches within full text, so you may want to use some "proximity" commands between search words to control how far apart they can be:

NEAR/# requires search words to be within your specified # number of words of each other, e.g., broadcast* NEAR/5 regulat**

Use () to group OR'd words in a complex search also containing AND, e.g., (radio OR television OR tv OR broadcast*) AND advertis* AND politic*