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Journalism 305/505 History of Mass Communication: Books and Government Publications

Search Research@UWW for Books and Government Documents

Search Research@UWW's "Books, Media & more (UW Whitewater)" to find books, ebooks, government documents, videos, etc. on a topic, or to find a specific title or author. Results will be online or physical items in Andersen or Lenox (Rock campus) library collections.

Search Research@UWW's "Books, Media & more (UW System)" if UW-Whitewater's libraries do not have enough material, or if titles you want are checked out from Andersen/Rock libraries. UW-Whitewater students and staff may request materials from other UW campus libraries via the free UW Request service; items should arrive in 2-5 weekdays unless they are not loanable, e.g., non-circulating reference or course reserve items.

Search Google Books for a title to see if there is a preview that shows its table of contents or allows a search for words or phrases within the text. This might show you whether the book has useful information for you. For some titles, all or some of the full text may be readable online.

Research@UWW Search Tips

Most likely you should start with keyword searches:

Put phrases in quotation marks  " "  and use commands like AND, OR, NOT in uppercase and between search terms.

Using the Advanced Search you can change "Any field" to "Subject" to find your search words in subject headings, which can help focus results. However, you won't see titles where your search words only appear in a table of contents or the title, rather than in the subject headings. Usually subject headings are found by looking at items found with keyword searches. Click on a title and look at the subject headings in the "Details" about it. You can click on them, or incorporate them into a revised search. Some suggestions are below:

Some useful subject heading segments you can use as words or phrases in keyword searches in combination with other search words:

"law and legislation" (used with topics, e.g., radio AND "law and legislation")

history  (for example, television AND history)

  "government policy"    "technological innovations"    "mass media"    programs (e.g., "radio programs", "television programs")

<topic> "on radio"    <topic> "on television"    censorship    "history and criticism"    "economic aspects"

"press coverage"    "war corresponden*"

Use * (truncation) for variant word endings, e.g., a search for broadcast* will find broadcasting as well as broadcasters, and a search for journalis* will find journalism as well as journalists

Results from keyword searches are sorted by relevance, but you can use "Sort by" on the left to change that, or use limiters on the left to limit results to a date range, language, etc. Under Resource Type on the left there may be material other than books, in which case click on Books.

"Available at" vs "Online access" in Books, Media and More

Catalog records describe items and provide information about their availability. In search result lists, "Available at..." indicates a print copy of a book (or another tangible form, such as DVD). "Online access" indicates an online item, such as an ebook or streaming video. Click "Online access" to display links to get to the item online. In either case, clicking the title and then "Details" will show additional information, such as subject headings and sometimes a table of contents.

screenshots of search results showing Available at, aka tangible, versus Online titles

Congressional & Other Government Documents Online

Some government publications may be found using Research@UWW, especially in Books, Media and more (UW Whitewater) or (UW System), whether they are in print or online. Congressional publications, both current and historical, may be found online using the ProQuest Congressional database. Some scanned historical government publications, including Congressional titles, may be available in the Hathi Trust Digital Library.

Example: 1960 Congressional Hearing

Search results for Congressional hearings or other government publications not owned by UW-Whitewater libraries may be available from other UW campus libraries. Below is an example:

Presidential campaign broadcasting act. Hearings before the Communications Subcommittee of the Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce, United States Senate, Eighty-sixth Congress, second session, on S. 3171, a bill to provide for the use of television broadcasting stations by candidates for the office of President of the United States. May 16, 17, and 19, 1960. (1960). U.S. Govt. Print. Off.

Two Research@UWW Books media more (UW System) search results for a Congressional committee hearing in print format, both showing that it would need to be requested from another UW campus library.

However, before submitting a UW Request to have a print copy sent from another UW library, you can see if the title  is available online in the ProQuest Congressional database or in the Hathi Trust Digital Library. This example hearing is available online in both! Screenshots are below; click on them to link to the records for this hearing.

Screenshot of ProQuest Congressional record for the hearing, showing the link to display the pdf of the hearing

       screenshot of Hathi Trust Digital Library record for the hearing, showing the link to display the Full View of the scanned hearing

Search Books, Media, & More @ UWW

ResearchatUWW graphic

Use this search box to find UW-Whitewater libraries' books, ebooks, government publications, videos, and more.

Call numbers for shelf browsing

The Library of Congress call numbers used on most materials in the Library to group materials by topics. Additional letters and number ranges further subdivide the topics.

T = Technology

TK5101-6720 Telecommunication
Including telegraphy, telephone, radio, radar, television, Internet

H = Social Sciences

HE8689-8700.95 Radio and television broadcasting

HF5801-6182 Advertising

P = Language and Literature

P87-96 Communication. Mass media

PN4699-5650 Journalism. The periodical press, etc.

ProQuest Search Tips

Use these commands when searching ProQuest databases:

AND requires both search words to appear, e.g., clinton AND trump

OR allows either or both search words to appear, e.g., clinton OR trump

NOT excludes a word, e.g., clinton NOT trump

Use " " around an exact phrase, e.g., "electoral college"

An asterisk (*) on a word stem accepts any endings, e.g., politic* will find politics, political, politician, etc.

ProQuest automatically searches within full text, so you may want to use some "proximity" commands between search words to control how far apart they can be:

NEAR/# requires search words to be within your specified # number of words of each other, e.g., campaign* NEAR/5 president*

Use () to group OR'd words in a complex search also containing AND, e.g., (campaign* OR debate* OR speech*) AND (clinton OR trump) AND immigra*