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APA Style, 6th ed.

A guide to APA formatting, in-text citation, and the References list


TV Episode Online Map
Music Image

Video (7.07.49)

Key Elements:

  1. Producer
  2. Director
  3. Publication year
  4. Film title (italicized)
  5. City & state of production company
  6. Production company
  7. Format (video file, DVD, streaming audio, etc.)
  8. Online: URL or database

DVD (7.07)

Rivera comma J period parenthesis Producer parenthesis comma & Docter comma P period parenthesis Director parenthesis period parenthesis 2002 parenthesis period Monsters comma Inc period [DVD] period California comma CA colon Buena Vista Home Entertainment period

YouTube Video (7.07.49)

If no author, use the screen name.
    Smithsonian Channel period parenthesis 2012 comma October 2 parenthesis period This is why you can’t outrun a cheetah [Video file] period Retrieved from https colon//www dot youtube dot com/watch?v=V8vejjVgIHg

From a Database (7.07, 7.06.41)

Burns comma K period parenthesis Producer parenthesis comma & Barnes comma P period parenthesis Producer parenthesis period parenthesis 2005 parenthesis period The story of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B period Anthony colon Revolution [Video file]. Retrieved from https colon //libproxy period uww period edu colon 9443/login? url=http colon //fod peroid infobase period com/PortalPlaylists period aspx?wID=102639&xtid=40998

No Author (7.07, 7.01.9)

   Australian Broadcasting Corporation period parenthesis Producer parenthesis period parenthesis 2016 parenthesis period Generation left behind [Video file] period Retrieved from https colon //libproxy period uww period edu colon 9443/login?url=http colon //fod period infobase period com/PortalPlaylists period aspx? wID=102639&xtid=128818


TV Episode (7.07.51)

Key Elements:

  1. Writer
  2. Director
  3. Publication year
  4. Episode Title
  5. Format (Television series episode)
  6. Producer
  7. TV series (italicized)
  8. City & state of network
  9. Network

Egan comma D period parenthesis Writer parenthesis comma & Alexander comma J period parenthesis Director parenthesis period parenthesis 2005 parenthesis period Failure to communicate [Television series episode] period In D period Shore parenthesis Executive producer parenthesis comma House period New York comma NY colon Fox Broadcasting period

Music (7.07.52)

Key Elements:

  1. Song Writer
  2. Publication year
  3. Song title
  4. Recording Artist (if different than writer)
  5. Album title (italicized)
  6. Format (CD, Record, Cassette, etc.)
  7. City & state of record company
  8. Record company
  9. Online: URL or database

CD (7.07.52)

Taupin comma B period parenthesis 1975 parenthesis period Someone saved my life tonight [Recorded by Elton John] period On Captain fantastic and the brown dirt cowboy [CD] period London comma England colon Big Pig Music Limited period

From a Database (7.07.52, 7.06.41)

Lead Belly period parenthesis 1991 parenthesis period Irene period On Lead Belly colon Midnight Special Vol period 1 [Streaming Audio] period parenthesis 2011 parenthesis period Nashville comma TN colon Rounder Records period Retrieved February 25 comma 2016 from Music Online colon American Song period

Online Map

Lewis County Geographic Information Services period parenthesis Cartographer parenthesis period 2002 period Population density comma 2000 U period Census [Demographic map] period Retrieved from http colon//www dot co dot lewis dot wa dot us/publicworks/maps/Demographics/census-pop-dens_2000 dot pdf


From a Database (7.10.73, 7.05.41)

Wright comma F period L period parenthesis 1925 parenthesis period Taliesin three period ARTSTOR period Retrieved from http colon//library period artstor period org/library/ secure/ViewImages?id=8jNTaD4kJDgpQio5fT16QA%3D%3D&userId=gjpJdTMk&zoomparams=

From a Collection (7.10.73)

[Photographs of Robert M period Yerkes] period parenthesis ca period 1917-1954 parenthesis period Robert Mearns Yerkes Papers parenthesis Box 137 comma Folder 2292 parenthesis comma Manuscripts and Archives comma Yale University Library comma New Haven comma CT period

Important note: Reusing an image (whether that is a table, figure, graph, picture, cartoon, etc.) has a slightly different copyright consideration than using information from text-based sources. You can find an image "freely available" on the web, but that does not mean it is free of copyright restrictions. Alternately, giving proper citation (as in the examples here) is not the same thing as copyright clearance.

Copyright must be obeyed in all circumstances, even for in-class-only assignments. Especially if you are reusing an image for publication or dissemination outside of class, please review copyright restrictions. Using items with Creative Commons licenses is a good way to have more flexibility with regards to copyright. APA has a good series of informational posts about copyright permissions here.

Freely Available on the Web (7.10.73)


NASA period (2016 comma Oct period 26) period Sulfur dioxide spreads over Iraq period [Image period] Retrieved from https colon // earthobservatory dot nasa dot gov/IOTD/view dot php?id=88994