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SAFETY 485/685: Fire Protection/Prevention

An online research guide for use with SAFETY 485/685

Search Tips

Some of your fires are going to be quite obscure, not widely studied, or perhaps too new to have lots of scholarly studies done on them (this generally applies to fires within the last 5 years).

Here's help! These search tips apply for searching nearly any of the databases listed on this page:

  • Don't use the year of the fire in the search box.
  • If you aren't finding anything on your exact fire, think of the broader type of fire and what lessons could have been learned from similar types of fires, even if it wasn't your exact fire. For example, warehouse chemicals fire 
  • Put the exact name of your fire in "quotation marks" -- this tells the database to search for those words in that order, as an exact phrase. For example, "Collinwood school fire"
  • But, if that gives you few or no results, take some words out of the quotation marks. "Our lady of the angels" school fire may give you more results than "Our lady of the angels school fire".

Don't hesitate to contact me (see right) for help with your specific fire. 

Library Books

Searching for Scholarly Articles

You can do a basic, broad search of almost all of the articles we have, using Research @ UWW -- Articles on our homepage.

Alternately, Google Scholar is an even bigger search. Not all of the articles are full-text, though -- use the directions on the Google Scholar tab to link to UW-W and see what we have subscriptions to.

These are both very big searches and you will probably have to filter through many results. 

Scholarly Article Databases

Or, use the following Library databases to find articles related to your topic: