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How to Find Teaching Resources in the Library

This guide describes the teaching resources available in Andersen Library and the PK-12 Curriculum Collection. as well as how to locate them. In addition, it provides direction to locating online information such as article databases and useful websites.

Information about Tests and Assessments

Test Collection: Research@UWW

This small collection is to be used by students and researchers for the review and evaluation of commonly used tests and assessment tools. These tests are not for administering in a classroom. Tests are located in the Curriculum Collection on the 2nd floor of Andersen Library. Visit the Collection Policies page for information regarding tests in Andersen Library.

Tests on Reserve

Some departments have placed tests on Reserve. Search the Reserves link on the Library Homepage.

screenshot of search for a Special Education department test on reserves

Search the Catalog

Search the online catalog for test by name, subject, or browse the collection by using the following search strand as illustrated below. 

If you know the title of the test, start your search at the Library Homepage.
Enter the test name and use the dropdown menu to select Books, Media & more (UW Whitewater).

screenshot of a catalog search for a known title, PALS Pre-K Assessment

If you do not know a specific test name, enter a key term such as:

You may narrow your search to the Test Collection itself, although a few tests are located in other collections.
To do so, use the Location limits on the left side of the results page.
If you do not see WW Curriculum Collection, you may need to hover your mouse cursor over the Curriculum Collection labels or click More options as pictured below.

Note the complete location information provided, as not all tests are located in the Test Collection on the 2nd floor of Andersen Library.