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Doctorate of Business Administration: Dissertation Process

An online research guide for students pursuing a Doctorate in Business Administration

What is Scholarly Writing?

Scholarly, or academic, writing is something that will be expected of you in your DBA classes. This kind of writing is of the same quality you would find in the journal articles you read during your research. The tone will be formal, the content will be concise. The books to the left, below, give more detail on how to write in a scholarly manner.

Also, check out Purdue OWL's page on Academic Writing for an overview of establishing arguments, being concise, adding emphasis and more.

Books on Dissertation Writing & More

Submitting Your Dissertation at UW-Whitewater

After completion, your dissertation will join other works of research from UW-Whitewater in Minds @ UW, the university's Institutional Repository (IR). You can view examples of other dissertations there already. 

What's the process to submit your dissertation? View the directions below.