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Doctorate of Business Administration: Welcome

An online research guide for students pursuing a Doctorate in Business Administration

Welcome, DBA students!

I am the librarian for the College of Business and Economics at UW-Whitewater.  Please do not hesitate to contact me (below right) if I can be of any assistance to you. 

If I am not available, you can contact whichever librarian is on our Reference Desk during library open hours: Call 262-472-1032, email, or use the online form (or box, below right) to chat with a librarian at some other school 24/7!

See here for the library's regular hours every semester. 

Library Services

As an off-campus DBA student, you may appreciate the use of some special services provided by Andersen Library.  All of these are FREE to you: 

UW Request 

If you search from Research@UWW on our homepage for Books, Media, & More (UW System), like this: Research @ UWW search box showing the Books, Media, & More, UW System dropdown menu then you are searching all of the UW system libraries. (You can also limit your search to UW-Whitewater only.) 

If you see this below a result: image of the "This item is not available" and UW Request messages -- then sign in, in the upper-right corner of the page, and click on the UW Request button.  That will bring the item to Andersen Library, within 5-7 days, for you to check out. You can also make a note when you request it that you are a DBA student and would like to use Document Delivery. We will mail the item to you -- see Document Delivery below.

Note, however, that with your UW-W ID card, you can check out items from any other UW System library.  So if you live closer to Madison, Milwaukee, or any other campus, check what they have there and it may be faster for you to go borrow directly from them. 


InterLibrary Loan

This basically works like UW Request, but you can request items at other libraries outside UW, or request journal articles, dissertations, working papers, or other unusual sources, located anywhere in the world.  If you find books on WorldCat, or articles or other items on Google Scholar, not held at UW, don't purchase them!  Make an ILL request, and it can usually be provided -- articles, you will usually get the PDF within 2-3 days; books, delivered to Andersen Library within 5-7 days. (Complex requests may take more time.)  Sign in through your My Accounts link on the top right corner of our homepage.


Document Delivery service

For your convenience, graduate students are eligible to have items held at Whitewater delivered to your home address using Document Delivery.  We cover the outgoing postage, you are responsible for return postage (or return it to the library on one of your campus visits.)  Most items are checked out to you for one full semester at a time. 


Read here for more information on all of these services. 

Free repositories

Many people start their searches at Google Scholar, because it's such a huge repository of articles, patents, some e-books, and more; bigger than any one library database. The disadvantage is that often, articles on the web are not free. 

Don't pay for articles! First, link your Google Scholar to UW-Whitewater's library as shown in this video: 

Finally, if you still find articles on Google Scholar that are not held at UW-Whitewater, request them via InterLibrary Loan -- see above.

Another source similar to Google Scholar, but specialized for business, is the Business Network, part of the Digital Commons Network:

Off-campus Access

All of our databases are available from anywhere in the world with your UWW Net-ID (unless otherwise noted on our databases page; very rare). 

To get free access, make sure you start from and use either our Research@UWW one-box search tool, or use the Articles/Databases or Journals buttons. 

If something is giving you an error or asking for payment when it seems we should have access, please let me know so I can try to troubleshoot it. 

Reference & Instruction Librarian

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Naomi Schemm
Andersen Library, room 2105A
Office hours in Hyland lobby: Mondays, 12:00-1:30 / Tuesdays, 9:00-10:30

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