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Turabian Style

Format Your Paper

Turabian Paper Examples

Formatting Guidelines

Margins (A.1.1)

  • Paper size - 8 1/2 x 11 inches
  • 1 inch at top, bottom, and both sides

Font (A.1.2)

  • Use easy to read font, such as Times New Roman
  • 12-point font size

Spacing and Indentation (A.1.3)

  • Double-space all text except the following, which should be single-spaced:
    • Block quotations
    • Table elements (titles and captions)
    • Lists in appendixes
  • Footnotes/endnotes and bibliography lists are single-spaced but with a blank line between items.

Pagination (A.1.4)

  • Do not number the title page
  • Page numbers start on the first page of the text using arabic numbers
  • Place page numbers in a consistent location throughout the paper
    • Can be placed in the center or right side of top or bottom of the paper

Title Page (A.1.5)

  • Center all elements on the page
  • Use the same font, type size, and formatting style for the title elements
    • Font size can increase slightly for the title.
    • Preferred format is boldface for title         
  • Title placed approximately 1/3 down page.
  • Two-thirds down page place name, class title, and date

Text (A.2.2)

  • Align the text to the left with a 1/2-inch left indent
  • Double-space
  • Include sections: introduction, chapters/sections, and conclusion
  • Spell out long organization names and add the abbreviation in parenthesis, then just use the abbreviation
  • Write out numbers up to nine and use a number for 10 or more
  • Use a number for units of measurement, in tables, to represent statistical or math functions, and dates or times
  • Capitalize major words in the titles of books and articles

Bibliography (A.2.3.5)

Begins on a new page following the text of your paper and includes complete citations for the resources you've used in your writing.

  • Center "Bibliography" at the top of the new page, leaving two spaces between title and first entry
  • Single-space and use hanging indents (where the first line is on the left margin and the following lines are indented a half inch from the left)
  • List authors' last name first followed by the first and middle initials (ex. Skinner, B.F.) t
  • Alphabetize the list by the first author's last name of of each citation, hen alphabetically by title if you list multiple works by one author. 
  • Annotated Bibliography
    • Add full-sentence annotations on a new line indented from the left margin.