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Simmons Insights: Other Market Research Tools

A guide to using Simmons OneView for consumer and market research.

Other Market Research Tools

Because our Simmons datasets are all 2-3 years old, that can be prohibitively delayed for accurate information about currently-trending brands, frequently-changing consumer habits, or newer topics in general. 

Try the resources below for some other options for market research:

The two below are both free options, not a library subscription, and as a result they may not be as high-quality of data as the subscription models.  But both sites do have an FAQ and a Methodology section describing their results, so take a look at the data for yourself.

YouGov Profiles

FAQ's and basic methodology information

Be sure you look at the sample size for each question, and click on What Is This Data? if you're not sure: 

In this case, out of their entire sample size, 92 people expressed a preference for this particular brand or product. 

Also, be sure to click on the plus sign next to any one of their data points: 

...In order to see how much of a correlative trend can be drawn between these two elements. A Z-score (correlation) of only +.4 is obviously much less significant than a Z-score of +128.  Remember that, as the old saying goes, "correlation is not causation" -- one does not cause the other.  But correlation does tell you, in this case, if somebody said they liked apple pie, they are 128% more likely than the average of the rest of the United States to say they also like bacon cheeseburgers. 


Consumer Barometer


Survey data was collected in approximately 55 countries

Survey includes:

  • 19 questions about "The online and multiscreen world" -- amount and type of internet activityc, device preference, motivations, connected devices, etc.
  • 49 questions about "The smart shopper" -- advertising awareness, online brand research and shopping habits (including international), location-driven search habits
  • 20 questions about "The smart viewer" -- video viewing habits, devices, motivations

The navigation is along the left -- see each of the three sections, and expand the menus under each to see the actual questions asked (see arrow).  Once you have selected a question, then select your desired country in the middle of the screen (not shown) and use the filters (circled) on the left to drill down.