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Finance: Citing Sources: APA

This guide is a starting point for Finance resources.

How To Cite Using APA Style (Videos)

This video playlist walks you through why to use APA (below), and how to cite books, articles, webpages, and business resources. Watch whichever ones you need!


Plagiarism involves taking credit for work that is not one's own. Below are some resources that can help you avoid plagiarism.

Citing Journal/Magazine Articles

With DOI Assigned:


Wenneker comma C period P period J period comma Wigboldus comma D period H period J period comma & Spears comma R period parenthesis  2005 parenthesis  period Biased language use in stereotype maintenance colon The role of encoding and goals period Journal of Personality and Social Psychology comma 89 parenthesis 4 parenthesis  comma 504-516 period  <a href= “ ” </a>

Without a DOI Assigned:


 Aparicio comma F period R period parenthesis  1999 parenthesis  period Reading the “Latino” in Latino studies colon Toward re-imagining our academic location period Discourse comma 21 parenthesis 3 parenthesis  comma 3-18 period

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Citing Web Pages

Basic webpage: 


 Pietrangelo comma A period parenthesis 2017 comma January 9 parenthesis period Everything you need to know about epilepsy period Healthline period  <a href= “” </a>

Corporate author: 


Office of Dietary Supplements period parenthesis 2020 comma April 7 parenthesis period Dietary supplements colon What you need to know parenthesis Publication No period 20-OD-8115 parenthesis period U period S period Department of Health and Human Services comma National Institutes of Health period  <a href= “ ” </a>

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Citing Books


Flanagan comma O period J period parenthesis 2007 parenthesis period The really hard problem colon Meaning in a material world period The MIT Press period

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Citing Newspaper Articles

Free online: 


Hu comma W period parenthesis  2009 comma September 11 parenthesis  period Foreign languages fall as schools look for cuts period The New York Times period  <a href= “” </a>

Note: If there is no author listed, the title of the article comes first, followed by the date.

Print, or from a database with no DOI: 

Example: Hickman comma H period parenthesis  2009 comma September 10 parenthesis  period Forum gives insight to candidates’ views period Knoxville News Sentinel comma A1 comma A11 period

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