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Preparing for Job Interviews

This guides offers some suggestions for individuals in the process of searching for jobs or interviewing.

How to Research Potential Employers

Employers today expect that you've researched their company and the job ahead of your interview.

Start on the Internet and find anything freely available online.

Because of your position as a student, you have access to many more resources, such as library databases, than the average job seeker. There are also other sites of interest that don't necessarily come up in a basic Google search that can be used to your advantage. Use the resources linked here.

Company Resources

Business Article Databases

Articles in the printed press offer more about the organization in question, but they may also alert you to other items of note like competition or industry trends. Business article databases and News databases are a great place to start your search, but you should also look at the general databases to get a different point of view.

News Resources

Free Internet Resources