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Proxy Server

Occasionally, people have difficulty successfully logging in through the proxy server. This is usually due to irregularities with their last name, such as a name change, hyphenation, or long length, or having a firewall on their computer. Try these solutions:

Name issues:

  • Call the Reference Desk at 262-472-1032.

Firewall issues:

  • Switch browsers - for example, try Firefox or Chrome instead of Internet Explorer. You can download Firefox, download Chrome, or download many other browsers for free. (Using Internet Explorer is not recommended.)
  • Contact your firewall administrator or internet service provider about opening ports 2048 and 9443.
  • As a temporary fix, change the link in the address bar from port 9443 to port 2048 →
    http[no s]://
  • Try using the campus Virtual Private Network (VPN) by going to and logging in with your campus Net-ID, then go to the Library web site in the inner window and retry the database link.
  • Try setting up a virtual desktop by following these Citrix instructions

If you still cannot log in after trying the options outlined above, please contact a Reference Librarian for assistance, either in person at the Library's Reference Desk, by telephone at (262) 472-1032, or by email via Ask a Librarian webpage. If it is your student experiencing login issues, please have them contact us directly using one of these methods.

More information about off-campus access issues may be found on the Troubleshooting Guide.