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Theatre 252: Introduction to Theatrical Design: Finding Books

An online course guide for finding library resources with images for Theatre 252


Below are some examples of books in the Library that might be useful for your assignment. Use Research@UWW, the online library catalog, to find additional books on these and other related topics. Also remember that you can search for and borrow books from other UW System Libraries using Universal Borrowing.

  • Esquire's Encyclopedia of 20th Century Men's Fashions - Main Oversize Collection, 3rd floor - TT617 .S36
  • The Changing American Woman: 200 Years of American Fashion - Main Oversize Collection, 3rd floor - GT605 .W65X 1976
  • Shoes, Hats and Fashion Accessories: A Pictorial Archive 1850-1940: 2,020 Illustrations - Main Oversize Collection, 3rd floor - GT513 .G73 1998
  • The Chronicle of Western Fashion - Main Oversize Collection, 3rd floor - GT511 .P42 1991
  • Fashion in Paris: The Various Phases of Feminine Taste and Aesthetics from 1797 to 1897 - Special Collections, 1st floor - GT887. U8 1898 

To access the online catalog, click on the Catalog link on the left side of the Library's homepage. (Look by the description section of the full book record for "ill." or "illus" for books with illustrations. Sometimes it will be noted if illustrations are in color or if there are photos.)

  • Keyword searching: Be thorough by using synonyms and truncation when there are multiple ways to refer to an idea. Be focused by using and to combine different ideas together. Remember to put phrases in quotation marks. Not all the books resulting from the following search phrases will have photos or illustrations.

Sample Keyword (use and, or, not) searches:

"pictorial works" and clothing

"fashion design"

russia* and "pictorial works"

  • Subject Browse searching: Change the dropdown menu from "keyword" to "subject browse." Try the following searches and then click on links in the results list that look relevant. Not all the books resulting from the following search phrases will have photos or illustrations.

fashion history

clothing and dress

Book isn't here? Use Universal Borrowing or Interlibrary Loan to borrow from other libraries. See the Borrowing from Other Libraries section of this guide for more information.


Use Reference Universe to find Reference Books

Reference Universe  is different from most Andersen Library databases in that it looks for entries in reference books, such as encyclopedias, owned by the Library. Reference Universe works when searched using simple methods, such as searching for a few words or a phrase. Unlike other databases, truncation and nesting will not help you.

Sample searches:

egypt dress

cowboy dress

navajo clothing

fashion history

civil war uniform


After running a search, click on "View x Index Entries" or "View x Article Title" to get the page numbers of the entry and then, back on the result screen, click on the book title to get the location and call number. Once you get this information you can go to the Main or Reference collection to find the book, or click on the ebook link to view it online.

Enter your search terms: