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Business & Marketing Education: Citations - APA

Video Tutorial Playlist: APA Citation Style (7th Edition)

These short videos each address one aspect of citation.

APA 7th Edition playlist


Citation Managers @ Andersen Library

Andersen Library provides support for EndNote Basic and Zotero, two robust reference managers. Each has unique features but both provide the following capabilities:

  • Collect and organize 1000's of references from article databases, Research@UWW and other library catalogs, Google Scholar, blogs, and other websites.
  • Store references on your computer or in the cloud.
  • Maintain links back to the original resource.
  • Share references and collaborate with other users.
  • Create citations and bibliographies in a variety of citation styles.
  • Insert citations and bibliograhies into word processing documents.

Visit the LibGuides below to find out more about each manager and get started. The LibGuides contain information regarding setup and technical issues that are specific to UWW users.

Citations in APA

Many databases offer a "Cite" tool. Use these a starting point for building your References page; however, as these are often inaccurate, verify provided citations by checking them against a writers' manual or style guide.

Writers' Manuals: APA

Go to the source for accurate style information. Copies are available online, in Reference, and in the Main Collection. Stop at the Reference Desk for assistance.