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Borrowable Technology for STEM Education

This guide features technology available at Andersen Library. While these resources support STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education, all Andersen Library patrons are encouraged to explore, try out, experiment, create and learn.

Dash & Dot

What is it?

Dot is a little robot with multiple sensors that can be programmed to trigger LED lighting and sound. 

Dash is a robot that can be programmed to respond to voice, navigate objects, dance, and sing. 

Where Can I Find it?: Locate them in the Teaching Tools collection on the second floor of Andersen Library.

Check Research@UWW for Availability

Ages: There are apps for various ages:

Age 5+: Go and Path 
Age 8+: Go, Path, Wonder, and Blockly 

Required App: Download iOS and Android apps

Classroom Connections: Lesson plans and activities found here.

Get Started: 

Updating firmware

If Dash does not turn on, but has been completely charged,

Please perform the following steps to update your robot’s firmware, which may help with your issue:
PREFACE: Plug robot in to Charge and perform the following on a Mobile device
1. Hold all 3 orange buttons on top of the head. Keep holding them, then press the power button until the the lights turn red. Now release the buttons.
2. Open your app (Wonder or Blockly) and search for robots to connect to. You should see one called “DFU DASH/DOT”.
3. Tap the picture of Dash/Dot  to connect and follow the prompts to update the firmware.
4. When the update finishes, your robot should be connected, powered on, and ready to go.