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ITSCM 456: Global Supply Chain Management (Dr. Land)

A guide to assist Dr. Anna Land's students, Spring 2022

What is an op-ed?

Op-Ed is journalism shorthand for Opinion or Editorial piece. 

Sometimes they are more commonly labeled, in either print or online publications, as: 

  • Letters to the editor
  • Contributing editor pieces
  • Thought pieces
  • Commentary


In some publications (e.g. smaller community newspapers, student newspapers like the Royal Purple), virtually anybody can submit an opinion piece and be almost guaranteed publication. In others (e.g. larger newspapers, specialized trade journals or magazines), the editors are more discerning and are more likely to reject pieces that they feel will not interest their particular readership. 

Some examples of student editorials from previous ITSCM students at UWW and another school: 

How do I write one?

Op-eds use a very different writing style than your previous academic papers!

Some characteristics of op-eds include: 

  • Shorter -- less than 750 words (if not otherwise specified by the publication)
  • Addressing one problem & solution only
  • To the point -- "lead" with your main argument in the top paragraph to hook your reader's interest
  • No academic citations -- but in order to make a persuasive argument, you still need to give (concise & understandable!) evidence to back up your argument
  • May be written with a general audience in mind -- don't assume they know SC-specific terms

Read the articles below for more instructions:

Where can I publish mine?

Many publications publish op-eds in some form. 

You will need to explore a variety of possible outlets. More specific to your area of interest = more likely the publisher will accept it. 

Some of the sources below might not accept external op-ed submissions (i.e., all of their op-eds are either by their paid editorial staff, or by invited contributors). I have not investigated every one -- YOU will need to investigate your publications of interest. Look on their website for a page that says About Us, Contact Us (and look for the Editorial director or a similar title), or Submission Guidelines. 


Supply-chain specific trade journals: 

If you are looking for a specific trade journal for your area of interest, contact me. The above is only a sampling -- there are hundreds more for every area of the economy -- e.g. automotive, fashion, nutrition, etc. We can discover them through an advanced search in Ulrich's.