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Economics 489: Senior Capstone

A guide to assist students in the Economics Capstone class.

Scholarly Articles in Economics

If you are looking for scholarly (a.k.a. peer-reviewed, academic, or refereed) journal articles on any economics topic, these databases are the best place to start -- in this order: 

Other Relevant Databases

Journal Search for One Specific Resources

If you have one specific citation, like this: 

Hummels, D. (2007). Transportation costs and international trade in the second era of globalization. The Journal of Economic Perspectives, 21(3), 4-154.


Use this Find Journals tool to search for the journal name first -- in this case, the Journal of Economic Perspectives -- then browse or search within that journal to find the specific article. 

Google Scholar is also great at finding one specific article. Use the directions on the second tab of this guide to link from Google Scholar to what we have access to through our UW-W subscriptions. 

Current News and Magazines

Most of the content in these databases is NOT peer-reviewed, and thus may not be usable for your capstone.  However, it can be useful if you need to research how an economic topic is being presented to the general, i.e. non-economist, public. 

What is a scholarly source?

The biggest difference between scholarly and popular (e.g., newspapers, magazines) sources is that scholarly sources go through a rigorous quality check before being published, a process called Peer Review.  Watch the video below to learn about it. 

Smart Searching

Use these "smart searching" strategies to adjust your results: 

  • Add more search words to get fewer results
  • Quotation marks around phrases to get fewer results
    NFL draft = 129K results.  "NFL draft" = 56K results
  • Truncation (using the asterisk to find all possible endings of a word) to get more results
    econom* finds economic, economics, econometrics...


Stock Media Repositories