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Borrowable Technology for STEM Education

This guide features technology available at Andersen Library. While these resources support STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education, all Andersen Library patrons are encouraged to explore, try out, experiment, create and learn.


About this Guide: There are many items in the Curriculum Collections which can be used in STEM or STEAM education. This guide focuses on technology tools. 

Ages: The (6+) or other number to the right of a title is the minimum age or age range for an item as identified by the manufacturer.  

Coding: While many of the tools on this guide lend themselves to coding, the Curriculum Collection includes board games and other resources that support coding as a literacy. Browse our Pinterest Board (below) for more examples of Curriculum Collection materials, and visit the Coding Initiative in Wisconsin website to learn how to support coding in libraries and education. 

Articles: Robotics in the Classroom

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