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How to Use Films on Demand

Films on Demand Integration in Canvas - Recommended Method

Films on Demand

Adding films or segments from Films on Demand to D2L is quite simple and can be done directly through the Insert tool in Canvas.

To Embed a Film from Within Canvas:

  • Create a Canvas page (usually within a module)
  • Edit the page
  • Select the More External Tools button on the toolbar > Films on Demand
  • Search for a film or segment within Films on Demand
  • Click on Preview next to any film or segment you want to view
  • When you have made your selection, click the Embed menu next to the film or segment and select an option:
    • Record URL will allow you to copy the record URL to insert
    • Embed Small, Embed Medium, or Embed Large will insert the video window directly into your pageIf you chose an Embed option the film window displays on the Canvas page
  • Click the Save button when you are finished

Canvas Embed options