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QR Codes

description and use of QR Codes

What is a QR Code?

What is a QR Code?

QR stands for Quick Response. If you have a smartphone, iPad2, or tablet computer with a webcam, a QR code is a quick, accurate way to input a web address or phone number using the device's camera - without having to type anything. If you want to provide additional information for your audience, you can't put a clickable hyperlink on a poster, a sheet of paper, or a business card, but you can provide the convenience of a QR code.

How do I use QR Codes?qr sample

Using a QR Code reader on your smartphone, you simply take a picture of the QR code. The reader then redirects you to a web page or some other resource on the internet. Depending on the QR code you find in the library, it could:

  • Take you to a web page with text and pictures
  • Provide you with a phone number and dial the call
  • Show you a floorplan or directory
  • Play a video or audio file
  • Take you to an online index for a magazine or journal
  • Show you more information about a resource
  • Provide help for using a piece of equipment in the library
  • Take you to a poll or survey

Do you need a QR code reader for your smartphone or tablet?

Many phone cameras read QR codes. If yours does not, look for a solution using one of these two searches:

Photo CC BY-NC 2.0 mathplourde

Using QR Codes: Ideas