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QR Codes: QR Code FAQS

description and use of QR Codes

What is a QR Code?

What is a QR Code?

QR stands for Quick Response. If you have a smartphone, iPad2, or tablet computer with a webcam, a QR code is a quick, accurate way to input a web address or phone number using the device's camera - without having to type anything. If you want to provide additional information for your audience, you can't put a clickable hyperlink on a poster, a sheet of paper, or a business card, but you can provide the convenience of a QR code.

How do I use QR Codes?qr sample

Using a QR Code reader on your smartphone, you simply take a picture of the QR code. The reader then redirects you to a web page or some other resource on the internet. Depending on the QR code you find in the library, it could:

  • Take you to a web page with text and pictures
  • Provide you with a phone number and dial the call
  • Show you a floorplan or directory
  • Play a video or audio file
  • Take you to an online index for a magazine or journal
  • Show you more information about a resource
  • Provide help for using a piece of equipment in the library
  • Take you to a poll or survey

Do you need a QR code reader for your smartphone or tablet?

Many phones come with QR readers installed. If yours does not have one, search for “QR reader” in your device's app store. Here are some common QR code readers:

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