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ITSCM 280: Intro to Info Systems: Finding News & Articles

A guide to assist Prof. Berhane's students.

Your research task: 

Choose a cutting-edge technology. 

Research: What is it? What does it do? How is it used (now or anticipated future uses)? 

How does it connect to the issues discussed in your textbook -- in other words, what kind of technology is it and how do you know? (hardware, software, cloud, electronic commerce...) 

Personal perspective: How might this tool be useful to you as a student? As a future employee? 

Be aware that the library has multiple video cameras that you can check out and use for recording your video -- higher-quality than your phone camera!


Be as specific as possible in your choice of technology. Not "smart phone apps" -- choose a specific app. Not "virtual reality" -- choose a specific headset, or a Pokemon Go app, or a tool for redecorating your house.... etc.

This will make your research much easier! 

Current News

Search a variety of current news articles from newspapers worldwide via these databases: 

Tech Articles

Search for more detailed information about the technology using these databases with engineering, technical, and scientific articles:

Smart Searching

Smart searching

These "smart searching" strategies can be used when searching almost any library database. These strategies work on Google too! 

Another great "smart Google" strategy: Site limiting. For example: 

        "self-driving cars" -- to limit to only educational sites. Also consider

        "virtual reality" -- to limit only to TechCrunch


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