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ITSCM 221: Info Technology Infrastructure: Research Tools

Your research task: 

1.  Choose an Internet of Things (IoT) technology. If you are still deciding, check out a list such as this one for Household IoT products

What does it do? How is it used (now or anticipated future uses)? What sensor(s) are in it to enable it to do XYZ? 

2.  The specific product/name brand of the sensor used by a particular product is likely not publicly shared. However, think logically about what would need to be measured for the product to do XYZ: 

  • Camera
  • Microphone
  • Weight scale
  • Motion detectors
  • Pressure sensors
  • Gyroscope and accelerometer (to sense 3D motion)
  • Wearable electrodes (to measure heartrate, sweat content, or other bodily chemicals)
  • Proximity sensors
  • Altitude sensors
  • Temperature sensors
  • Humidity sensors

If you're not sure, consider likely options listed in an article like this one. Search Google for Sensors in ______. Or search one of the Current News databases below for highly accessible news articles on a particular product. Often the product will use a combination of sensors. 

3.  Then, do some academic/scholarly research on the issues with that particular sensor. Use the sources in the Tech Articles box below.

Current News

Search a variety of current news articles from newspapers worldwide via these databases: 

These articles should contain easily-accessible and readable reviews of the new technology when it was released. 

Tech Articles

Search for more detailed information about the sensor using these databases for engineering, technical, and scientific articles:

In addition to your product name or the type of sensor, consider search terms like:

  • wireless
  • bugs
  • features
  • ethic*  (the asterisk will tell it to search for ethic, ethics, ethical, ethically...)
  • IoT or "Internet of Things"  (use quotes around a phrase)

Smart Searching

Smart searching

These "smart searching" strategies can be used when searching almost any library database. These strategies work on Google too! 

Another great "smart Google" strategy: Site limiting. For example: 

        "humidity sensors" -- to limit to only educational sites. Also consider

        "internet of things" -- to limit only to TechCrunch


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Here is just a sample of the many e-books on technical topics available. Search Research@UWW and limit in the dropdown menu for Books at UW-Whitewater to see what is in our collection.

Search for the technical term for your sensor, or the communication type.