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Social Work

About this Guide

This guide provides basic information about Social Work resources available through Andersen Library. The guide includes the following pages:

  • Find Articles
    This page contains a list of article databases that cover topics related to Social Work.
    • Analyze Articles
      This page describes types of study designs with examples and provides more information about Evidence-Based Practice.
    • Full Text Helpers
      This page contains links and instructions to add full-text helpers to your research process.
    • Search for Similar Citations
      This page presents the basics of forwards and backwards searching.
  • Find Books
    This page provides suggestions for searching Research@UWW for books on topics in Social Work.
  • Find Tests, Surveys, & Measurements
    This page provides information about useful books for Social Work students and how to find reviews of tests and other measurements. It also provides suggestions about how to find the actual tests themselves.
  • Cite References
    This page contains links to resources that explain how to correctly format your references using the APA citation style.
  • Research Tutorials & Guides
    This page links to a series of helpful guides and video tutorials demonstrating how to start your Social Work library research.

UW-W Social Work Faculty Recent Publications

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