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Safety 255: Alcohol & Other Drugs

An online course guide for use with Safety 255

Article Databases

The Library has a number of resources you can use to find peer-reviewed articles related to your research topic. It is recommended that you start with the database ScienceDirect. The other health-related databases on this page may be useful as well.

Is it Scholarly?

Scholarly articles have unique characteristics that distinguish them from popular magazine articles. Some of these characteristics include:

  • Length - scholarly articles are longer, usually over 10 pages. This is because they discuss previous research, present new research or make new arguments, and draw conclusions.
  • Authors - scholarly articles are often written by professors or professionals in a field.
  • Language - scholarly articles use technical language, or jargon, relevant to the field.
  • References - readers will always find a thorough bibiliography at the end of a scholarly article.

For more information, check out the Scholarly Journal, Trade Journal, & Popular Magazine Articles guide or watch the video below.

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