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How to Find Basal Readers, Children's Books & Leveled Reading

Basal Readers

Step 1: To locate elementary (basal) readers, type "Reading (Elementary)" in the basic search box on the Library Home Page.

Step 2: Under the Refine Your Results column of your search results, limit the Location to Curriculum Collection Textbooks.

Publisher Resources: Scope & Sequence and More

Publishers often provide additional curriculum materials as well as student multimedia supports via their websites. Here are a few publishers of some of our textbooks to get you started:

Requesting access to the documents below:
The resources below support specific course assignments at UW-Whitewater. With respect to copyright, these are only available to UW-Whitewater patrons. Please use your local or academic library's interlibrary loan service to request items or copies.
If you are a UW-Whitewater patron and requesting access, be sure to log in to Google Docs using your UW-Whitewater Net-ID and password.

Citation Help

Given that classroom textbook series have multiple editions, grades, and units, each one packaged in a separate volume, constructing citations for these can require extra creativity. Remember: the primary goal of a citation is to ensure that your reader can locate your source. The following are a few examples for textbooks in our collection:

Textbooks (APA 7th ed. Style)


NOTE: In the examples, Common Core is capitalized in the title because it is a proper noun. Otherwise, titles should be sentence (lower) case except for the first word.


Baumann, J. F., Chard, D. J., Cooks, J., Cooper, J. D., Gersten, R., Lipson, M., Morrow, L. M., Pikulski, J. J., Templeton, S., Valencia, S. W., Valentino, C., & Vogt, M. (2014). Journeys Common Core: Grade 3 (Teacher's ed., Unit 5). Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.


Afflerbach, P., Blachowicz, C. L. Z., Boyd, C. D., Izquierdo, E., Juel, C., Leu, D. J., Paratore, J. R., Pearson, D. P., Sebesta, S., Simmons, D., Watts-Taffe, S., Tatum, A., Vaughn, S., & Wixson, K. K. (2013). Reading street Common Core (Teacher's ed., Vol. 4.3). Pearson/Scott Foresman.


For all other examples, see the APA Style Guide, or:

  1. Visit our YouTube APA Playlist for short tutorials.
  2. Visit the Reference Desk at the Library. We can help with one or two citations at a time.
  3. Make an appointment with an Academic Support Center Writing Tutor: Call 262-472-1230 
  4. Use Ask a Librarian: 24/7 Chat