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Open Access Opportunities for UW-Whitewater Researchers

Are you considering publishing in an open access (OA) journal? If so, your high-quality content could be made open-access (freely available to the world), which has consistently resulted in higher future citations and broader social impact of your work) at no cost to you! There are a few things you should know first:

Subscription? Green Open Access? Gold Open Access? Hybrid Open Access? What's it all mean?!

Click on the images below for a full-sized graphic illustration of the various publishing modes. 

Traditional (subscription-based) publishing: 

graphic illustrating Traditional Subscription Publishing

"Green" Open Access publishing:

image illustrating the Green Open Access publishing model

Our University OA repository for scholarly content is called Minds@UW

"Gold" Open Access publishing:

illustration of the Gold Open Access publishing process

Hybrid OA is not quite any of these. Hybrid OA means a traditional, subscription-based journal publisher lets the author choose to pay a higher Article Processing Charge in order to make their individual article OA (freely-available to all readers) right away. Note that the APCs for this model average much higher than for green or gold OA models.

Inclusion of a journal in the Directory of Open Access Journals does not guarantee quality. It is merely a first step in evaluation. See additional OA publishing opportunities in the tabs, above.

What is MINDS@UW?

"MINDS@UW, an open access institutional repository, is designed to gather, distribute, and preserve digital materials related to the University of Wisconsin’s research mission. Content may include research papers and reports, pre-prints and post-prints, datasets and other primary research materials, theses, student capstone projects, conference papers and presentations, and other born-digital or digitized research and instructional materials.

Current faculty, staff, students of the UW System, along with their research collaborators, are eligible to deposit in MINDS@UW.

It is not intended to support the public accessibility and preservation of official institutional or campus records that would not normally be published in the course of university business."

Works submitted to MINDS@UW are subsequently found in Google Scholar searches, therefore increasing accessibility.

UW Digital Collections search scope

Because of the Andersen Library agreement with ACS Publications, all UWW faculty can now publish their research as Open Access in any ACS journal at no cost.



Wiley 2023 This three-year agreement, effective as of January 1, 2023, grants access to publish and read in Wiley’s full journal portfolio, including the journals previously branded Hindawi’s gold open access portfolio. Under this new agreement, lead authors at UWW will be able to publish their articles as open access, ensuring that their research will be immediately open and available to the public and that they will retain rights to their own work. Article publications are free of charge, eliminating the need for authors to pay publication fees, and there is no limit on the number of articles eligible for this agreement.

Contact Nancy Bennett for more information: bennetna at

SCOAP3 (Assorted High Energy Physics) Journals

No cost to authors to publish.  Fees are covered by a partnership of over 3,000 libraries, key funding agencies, and research centers in 44 countries and 3 intergovernmental organization supporting open Access publishing in key journals in the field of High-Energy Physics.