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Media - Public Performance and Streaming Licenses: Streaming Media Resources

Streaming Media provided by UWW

These are links to the Library's streaming media databases. Streaming "rights" are included in the subscription - but the media can't be downloaded and therefore must be accessed via the database.

The same general principles of public performance apply to these databases: any public streaming (audio or video) must be done on campus with no admission charge.

Free Streaming Video

This list is just a few of the many websites providing free streaming.  It by no means is meant to be comprehensive.

Check Streaming Availability

Due to the large revenue-producing nature of feature films and TV shows, you will find few places that offer free viewing of these popular resources.  Most of what you find will be personal subscription services, free with ads, or the ability to rent or buy them at a reasonable price. Each platform will have their own Terms of Use, so make sure you follow all appropriate copyright laws if you choose to use a video found outside of one of the library databases.

It is hard to keep up with all the varied and ever-growing list of streaming platforms, but luckily these two sites attempt to consolidate many of them into one easy location.  This article describes the highlights of each resource and recommends checking both, as neither will be 100% complete.


Netflix at UWW

Despite repeated requests from most users, Netflix does NOT offer streaming service at the institution level.  It remains a subscription-based service at the personal user level with no indication of a change to that pricing model.

In an effort to accommodate teachers, Netflix did allow Educational Screenings of Documentaries in the classroom.  As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, in April of 2020 Netflix announced they have made a selection of some of their most popular documentaries available on the Netflix US YouTube channel, including the award-winning documentary "13th".