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UW Request: UW Request

UW Request is a free service that allows UW-W faculty, staff and students to borrow books, videos, CDs, DVDs, microfilm, microfiche, government documents, etc. from any UW System library and have them sent to Andersen Library for pick-up.

COVID-19 News

Due to the need to quarantine physical items, delivery time will be delayed about 5 days.

The usual wait for items to arrive at your UWW library will now be 7-10 weekdays (1-1.5 weeks).

1. Basics

  • Free service for borrowing physical items that are not currently at your campus’ library from other UW System libraries
  • Cannot use to borrow non-circulating items such as periodicals, periodical articles, and items from special collections
  • Items usually take 2-5 weekdays to arrive at your UWW campus
  • If an item is NOT available for borrowing within the UW System, you will be sent an email offering you the free option of using ILLiad to borrow it from elsewhere

2. Search

Beginning on the UWW Libraries homepage:

  1. Select Books, Media & more (UW System) from the dropdown menu in the Research@UWW box
  2. Type terms in the text box using the tips found in the Research@UWW: Search Tips guide
  3. Select the Search button

3. Sign In

  1. Select Sign In in the upper right hand corner
  2. Select UW-W Students/Staff Login
  3. Type in your username (Net-ID/email name) and Net-ID password
  4. Select Login

4. Request an Item

  1. Select the title of the item you want
  2. If you see a View It area with a database link the item is available online and you do not need to borrow it
  3. If you see a Get It area, look for a UW-Whitewater (denotes main campus) or Rock County library location. If the item is at your campus, you do not need to use UW Request or Request to get it, you can just retrieve it from the library’s shelves yourself
  4. If the item you want to borrow is not at:
    • Your campus, but is at the other UWW campus, select Request. Then, select your Pickup Location and select Local Request
    • Either UWW campus, select UW Request. Then, select your Pickup Location and select Local Request
  5. A Your Request Was Sent message will appear
  6. Requested items should be delivered to your library in 2-5 weekdays
  7. If the request fails for any reason, you will receive an email offering you the free option of using ILLiad to borrow the item. Click on the provided link to borrow the item from outside the UW System
  8. When done, click on Sign Out in the upper right hand corner of the display
  9. Close your browser

Need Help?

If further assistance is needed, please contact Interlibrary Loan Services at or (262) 472-5524.