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Social Studies Education Resources: Standards, Frameworks, Curriculum Guides

SECNDED 430/630: Teaching Social Studies in the Secondary School and ELEMMID 363: The Teaching of Social Studies in the Elementary/Middle School

ERIC Full-Text (EBSCO)

ERIC database includes many of the following documents:

  • State Curriculum Guides
  • State Standards
  • Academic Standards
  • National standards
  • National Curriculum

Curriculum Guides, Standards & Frameworks in the Library

Search Research@UWW for Curriculum Guides located in the Curriculum Collection on 2nd floor of the library. Using the limiters on the left of the page, limit the Location to Curriculum Collection Curr Guides.

A number of curriuclum guides are also available in Wisconsin and Federal Documents. Perform a wider search without limiting to location. This will include curriculum produced by government agencies as well.

  1. Use Research@UWW on the library home page. Be sure to select Books, Media & More (UW Whitewater)
  2. Include "curriculum" in your keywords.
  3. Additional keywords may include subjects, educational levels (e.g. elementary, vocational) or location (e.g. Wisconsin). Connect these using AND.

screenshot of search: curriculum AND "health education"

Standards & Frameworks Online