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Times Cited Features

The number of times an article has been cited and by whom is a feature in some databases as well as in Google Scholar. As most databases only report cited by results for articles and journals indexed therein, a researcher may find it necessary to compare results in a number of different databases. Google Scholar locates citations in articles, conference papers, technical reports, book chapters, and other types of documents. 

Times Cited Feature - Library Databases

How often has your article been cited, and by whom?
How often is a publication cited within a database?

times-cited feature is offered in some Andersen Library databases, such as this Web of Science article:

A number of EbscoHost databases also include a cited references search. Look for the link at the top of the search page:

You may also note "cited references" below search result records in many EBSCO, ProQuest and other databases:

As most databases only report cited by results for articles and journals indexed therein, a researcher may find it necessary to compare results in a number of different databases.


Times Cited Feature - Google Scholar

Use this feature of Google Scholar to track when your article is cited by other authors.

In Google Scholar, search for the title of the article of interest enclosed in quotes. Alternatively, you can search for just a distinctive part of the title in quotes. For example, “tasting empire chocolate.”

The first item on the results list is usually the citation for the article itself. The following citations are mostly to articles or books that cite it, but sometimes syllabi, reviews, bibliographies, and others.

Google Scholar cited by feature

Underneath each citation and snippet of text from the body of the webpage or online document is the Cited by ... link. This link will lead you to a list of articles that include the original article in their reference lists. You can click on each of the titles on the list to view the new source.

If desired, click Create Alert on the left side of a results list to be notified by email when new websites or online documents citing the article are identified by Google in the future. 

Google Scholar create alert feature

Set up Google Scholar to Interlink with Andersen Library Databases

Set your preferences in Google Scholar so that you automatically interlink with some Andersen Library databases . This has already been set up on all campus computers.

To do this at home,

  1. Begin on the Google Scholar webpage,
  2. Click on "Settings" at the top of the display, and then on "Library Links" on the left side.
  3. Perform a search for: "uw-whitewater."
  4. Check the "

You will be prompted to log in when you click on a "Find It at UW-Whitewater" or other link to a full text article at UW-Whitewater.

For illustrated instructions, click here.