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INTRNAR 200: Issues and Inquiry in International Studies: Finding News

An online course guide for finding library and online resources for use with International Studies 200

News Databases

ProQuest Global Newsstream

Access to some publications from around the world, including The Guardian.

Al Jazeera - Al Jazeera English is headquartered in Doha, Qatar. It's also on Facebook.

BBC News: World  -  The BBC is a public service broadcaster in the UK. (The Economist) - Read the latest global economic news from a European perspective. What is The Economist? Read how it explains itself.

Le Monde (France) - Daily newspaper, in French.

The Telegraph (UK) provides access to all of these titles, and many more:

China Daily (Beijing) 

People's Daily (Beijing)

South China Morning Post (Hong Kong)

Japan Times

Moscow News

The Saint Petersburg Times

The Jerusalem Post

Ha'Aretz (Israel)

The Observer (UK)

The Telegraph (UK)

Times of London

Le Figaro (France)

Le Monde Diplomatique (France)

The Munich Times

The Buenos Aires Herald

Peruvian Times

The Daily Journal  (Venezuela)

El Bolivarense (Venezuela)

ProQuest Search Tips

Use these commands when searching ProQuest databases:

AND requires both search words to appear, e.g., clinton AND trump

OR allows either or both search words to appear, e.g., clinton OR trump

NOT excludes a word, e.g., clinton NOT trump

Use " " around an exact phrase, e.g., "electoral college"

An asterisk (*) on a word stem accepts any endings, e.g., politic* will find politics, political, politician, etc.

ProQuest automatically searches within full text, so you may want to use some "proximity" commands between search words to control how far apart they can be:

NEAR/# requires search words to be within your specified # number of words of each other, e.g., campaign* NEAR/5 president*

Use () to group OR'd words in a complex search also containing AND, e.g., (campaign* OR debate* OR speech*) AND (clinton OR trump) AND immigra*