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INTRNAR 200: World Current Events

An online course guide for finding library and online resources for use with International Studies 200

What are intergovernmental organizations (IGOs)?

IGOs are organizations of sovereign (member) states established for their mutual benefit or common interests, which typically are expressed in a charter or other foundational document. Some, such as the United Nations, are very broad, while others have a more narrow focus, such as economic organizations or those more narrowly defined by geography, such as ASEAN.

Selected IGO websites

What are non-governmental organizations (NGOs)?

NGOs are not-for-profit organizations that are institutionally separate from government. They vary widely in size (local community, state, national, or international), staffing (paid or volunteers), funding (donations, dues, sales, grants), and purpose. Many have social or political goals. in pursuit of their goals, they may design and implement programs, conduct or sponsor research, or seek to influence public policy.

Selected NGO websites

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