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Media - Public Performance and Streaming Licenses: Rights to Make Copies or Change Format

Rights to Make Copies

These are links to contracts that have allowed the Library to make a copy of a product in a different format. These are generally 16mm films or VHS tapes that publishers have granted us permission to burn a DVD copy. Occasionally they may be DVDs for which we are allowed to make additional copies.

These contracts do not confer these rights to any entity other than the Library (e.g., faculty or students cannot make copies). The licenses generally give permission for one copy to be made by the Library, though some contracts may allow for more.

Browser Issues

Note for Library staff: In order to open the links to license agreements on the H drive, you must use Microsoft Edge or Microsoft Internet Explorer. Sorry!

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Rights to Make Copies or Change Formats

These license agreements are between Andersen Library and the publishers. They are intended to guide users in complying with the license terms for public performance.