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Media - Public Performance and Streaming Licenses: Finding Videos with Rights

Catalog Records for DVD and VHS Titles

Research@UWW will you tell if the Library's copy of a DVD or VHS has public performance rights or streaming rights. Check the Details tab of the record to find a note that says, "Library has public performance rights. Check with librarian for details."

Purchasing Streaming Rights

Even though the faculty member is ultimately responsible for finding a video they deem suitable for their courses, Andersen Library is here to help as much as we can.  The library already subscribes to multiple resources that offer a variety of streaming videos that will meet many faculty needs, but we recognize it is impossible for those resources to cover everything that is desired.

In the case that faculty find a resource that is only available outside of our already subscribed resources, the library will contribute $150 towards the purchase of perpetual life-of-video streaming rights access.  Any cost surpassing $150 will be the responsibility of the department and the department org codes must be supplied with the appropriate chair permission.

All videos that are acquired through Andersen Library must be accessible to all students and will be included in the library catalog for search and access.  Please reach out to your Librarian liaison if you have any questions.

Sample Searches