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RECREATION 423 & 496: Research & Evaluation in Recreation and Leisure Studies: Google Scholar & Peer Review

What Google Scholar Doesn't Do

mortarboardGoogle Scholar does not provide a limiter for peer-reviewed journal articles. If your assignment requires the use of peer-reviewed articles or referreed journals, you need to ascertain whether the source (journal) is appropriate. 

Follow the steps below.

Peer-reviewed Articles

print-based informationPeer-Reviewed vs. Trade Journals vs. Popular Articles: What's the difference?

Peer Review in Three Minutes: What is peer review? (video)

Video Tutorial: How can I find peer-reviewed articles using EBSCOhost?

 refereedUlrichsweb: How can I identify whether a journal is peer-reviewed? Search for a magazine or journal by title. If it is identified with a referee shirt, it is a refereed publication, and most articles in the publication will be peer reviewed.

Setting Up Google Scholar

While Google Scholar does not provide the array of search limiters available database users, you may find that you are able to locate that elusive article through a Scholar search.

When do I need these instructions?

If you are working off campus, follow these steps to activate FIND IT at UW Whitewater in Google Scholar. If you are working on campus using UW-W Wi-Fi services, or using UW-W VPN services from off campus, your computer will automatically detect these settings.

Should Google Scholar be the only search tool I use?

Please Note: Google Scholar does not interlink with all UW-W ebooks and articles. We strongly encourage that you search for books, media and more using the library catalog (Research@UWW), or search for specific journal subscriptions using the Journals search. We also recommende that you search individual, subject-specific databases as well as Google Scholar to find the best available sources of information on your topic. 

How do I set up Google Scholar to link to UW-Whitewater subscription resources?

click here for a gripping tutorial Watch video directions here, or follow the directions and screenshots below: 

1. Go to http//

2. Optional: Sign in to your Google account in order to save your preferences for future searches.

3. Select Settings from the menu at the top of the page:

google scholar preferences


4. Click Library Links at the left of the page:

Google Scholar Library Linksgoogle scholar library links

5. Type UW Whitewater in the search box. A checkbox option for UW-Whitewater will appear below your search. Check the box. You may also wish to search for Open WorldCat and add that to your connections. Don't forget to click Save.

Google Scholar Library Links 2

6. You will now see the Find It at UW Whitewater utility when you use Google Scholar: 

Google Scholar Find It sample

7. After clicking on Find It at UW-Whitewater, you will be prompted to log in with yor UW-W NetID and Password to gain access to UW-W resources.

8. For some books and resources, the Find It at UW-Whitewater link appears in the More menu below the item:

Google Scholar and library books

click here for a gripping tutorialFor additional instructions for using Find It at UW-Whitewater, please see the Find It Tutorial.