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Music in Education (Elementary & Middle School): Children's Books: Countries

Looking for books about how to teach music, songbooks, music activities, story books about music or based on a song, or a storybook that could be used with some musical instruments, songs or activities? Are you looking for journal articles about teaching

Finding Children's Books: International Focus

1. Use both the country and nationality in your search. Combine with capital OR and use parenthesis.

Netherlands OR Dutch

Try this search before moving on to step 2. 

2. If needed, add the genre such as one of the following, connected with AND to create a search strand:

  • tales
  • folktales
  • fairy tales
  • legends
  • stories
  • fiction

(Netherlands OR Dutch) AND stories

3. Select UW-Whitewater, and limit your search by location to the Curriculum Collection areas. 

screenshot of search for (Netherlands OR Dutch) AND stories, with books, media, & more selected

4. Too few results? Select UW-System instead. Click Use Get It to Request and follow the prompts to place a UW Request.

Reference books and bibliographies can often point you to children's books about different cultures.

Click the titles below to locate or access these resources. They provide lists of children's books by topic.

Finding Children's Books: Practice

  1. Follow the link above which will take you to an active Research@UWW search. 
  2. Under Refine by, find the Location category.
  3. Click View More.
  4. Limit to Curriculum Collection Easy.
  5. After viewing Easy books, delete the Easy filter under the Active Filters section.
  6. Limit to Curriculum Collection Nonfiction
  7. Change the Scope to search Books, Media and more (UW System)
  8. Change the search by adding AND juvenile so that it looks like this:

(norse OR norway OR norwegian) AND juvenile


  1. Follow the link above which will take you to an active Research@UWW search. 
  2. Under Refine by, find the Location category.
  3. Click View More.
  4. Limit to Curriculum Collection Easy.
  5. Browse the list. What cultures and nations do you see? Add a country, nationality or culture name to your search like this:

(folklore OR "folk tale" OR folktale) AND Chile

Reference Titles for Multicultural/International Children's Books

These books contain listings of children's books by country. 

Many other reference books in the PN1009 section will contain indexes of titles by country. Search the index by country name or search for "Foreign lands", for example "Foreign lands - Mexico."