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Music in Education (Elementary & Middle School)

Looking for books about how to teach music, songbooks, music activities, story books about music or based on a song, or a storybook that could be used with some musical instruments, songs or activities? Are you looking for journal articles about teaching

Children's CD's, Fiction & Non-fiction Books: Music Theme

A small, representative collection of children's and young adult fiction and non-fiction is shelved in the Curriculum Collection, located on the east end of the second floor. 

Non-fiction Books are arranged by the Dewey Decimal System to reflect the call numbers most often used in school and public libraries, and are for grades 5 and up.

E Books = Easy books are picture books aimed at children from birth to grade 4.

F Books = Juvenile Fiction are for grades 5 and up.

To locate children's books that may have applications in music education, use Research@UWW.


  • Put phrases in quotes, such as "children's music"  
  • Edit the search by date using the date slider.
  • After searching for your topic, you may wish to Refine your search by limiting to items found in the Curriculum Collection. Children's music is also be available in the Main Collection.

Ask a Librarian in person or online if you need more help. 

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Music Theme

Experiment with the following searches. You will need to narrow the search location to one or more of the Curriculum Collections.

Some picture books are accompanied by CD's. 

(CD OR "sound disc" OR "audio disc") AND juvenile AND fiction

Find children's CD's using this subject:

"sound recordings" AND (children's OR juvenile)