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Music in Education (Elementary & Middle School): Professional Books

Looking for books about how to teach music, songbooks, music activities, story books about music or based on a song, or a storybook that could be used with some musical instruments, songs or activities? Are you looking for journal articles about teaching

Search Terms for Music Education

See the illustration to the right. Don't forget to use quotes when searching for these phrases!  Substitute a combination of the following keywords and phrases for music education when you search Research@UWW: Books, Media & More:

For Professional Teaching Resources:

  • Instruction and study
  • Study and teaching
  • Methods
  • Activity programs
  • School songbooks

For a topic in music:

  • Music
  • Children's songs
  • Choral singing
  • Instrumental music
  • Rhythm
  • Games with music
  • Exercise music
  • Movement education
  • Musical ability in children
  • Musical ability--Testing

Terms to help narrow topic by age or grade:

  • School music
  • Elementary
  • Juvenile
  • Preschool music
  • Children

Professional Titles: Teaching Methods & Strategies

Books provide practical information about instructional design, curriculum development, and evaluation. They often include lesson plans, activities, experiments, ideas for bulletin boards, and similar classroom aids. Most methods books are located in the Main Collection on the 3rd floor. 

Search for books using Research@UWW. Add any of the following to your search term to narrow to 

  • "study and teaching"
  • "activity programs"
  • strategies
  • methods
  • "lesson planning"

screenshot of library search elementary AND music AND "study and teaching" resources

Search for Books, Media, & More @ UWW

Use this box to quickly search Research@UWW for books, media, and more at UW-Whitewater.

Featured Library Titles

Search Research@UWW to locate more titles related to music education.

Click the titles or images below to locate these resources in Andersen Library.