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Political Science (101): Books

A guide to selected resources for political science research.

Search for Books, Media, & More @ UWW

Search Research@UWW's "Books, Media, and more (UW Whitewater)" scope to find books, government documents, videos, etc. on your topic, or to find a specific title or author.

Most likely you should start with KEYWORD SEARCHES:

Put phrases in " " and use commands like AND, OR , NOT in uppercase between search terms.

You can change "anywhere in the record" to "in subject" to require your search words to appear in subject headings. However, if your search words only appear in the table of contents and not in the subject headings, you won't see some titles.

Some useful subject heading segments you can use as phrases in keyword searches:

"civil rights"

"foreign relations"

"government policy"

"government relations"

"law and legislation"

"legal status"

"political activity"

"political aspects"

"politics and government" (usually appears with a country or a population segment)


Example searches:

nutrition AND "government policy"

"asian americans" AND "politics and government"

fear AND "political aspects"


Once you find a relevant title, examine the subject headings assigned to it (click "Details"). You can click on these to see other materials with the same subject heading.

If the "Details" tab shows a link to Google Books, you may be able to click there to search for words or phrases within the text. This might give you an idea whether the book has useful information for your specific topic. For some out-of-copyright titles, the full text may be readable online.

Many government documents may have a link to their full text online (click "View Online").

If Andersen Library does not have enough material, or titles you want are checked out from Andersen Library, you can change the scope to "Books, Media, and more (UW System)" to search all UW libraries and request materials be sent here in 2-5 weekdays. For more information, see the tab "Borrow Materials from Other Libraries" in this guide.

Books, Media and more (UW Whitewater)

Cataloging records describe titles and provide information about their availability. In the first example, "Get It" indicates a print copy of a book. In the second example, "View It" indicates an online book. Click "View Online" to see it.

In both examples, clicking the "Details" tab would show additional information, such as subject headings and contents.



Google Books

Google Books may tell you more about books, enough to help you decide if you need to locate the entire book. Usually there are summaries of the book's content, sometimes you can search for words or phrases within the book's text, and sometimes you can preview text (including tables of contents).

Google Books

Search for Books, Media, & More @ UWW

Research@UWW Books & Media search button

Use this box to quickly search Research@UWW for books, media, and more at UW-Whitewater.

LC Call Numbers

The Library of Congress call numbers on most materials in the Library are intended to group materials by topics. Additional letters and number ranges further subdivide the topics.

J = Political Science

J General legislative and executive papers
JA Political science (General)
JC Political theory
JF Political institutions and public administration
JJ Political institutions and public administration (North America)
JK Political institutions and public administration (United States)
JL Political institutions and public administration (Canada, Latin America, etc.)
JN Political institutions and public administration (Europe)
JQ Political institutions and public administration (Asia, Africa, Australia, Pacific Area, etc.)
JS Local government. Municipal government
JV Colonies and colonization. Emigration and immigration. International migration
JX International law (JX used until 1997; see also JZ and KZ)
JZ International relations (JZ used since 1997)

K = Law

K Law in general. Comparative law. Jurisprudence.
KB Religious law in general. Comparative religious law. Jurisprudence.
KD United Kingdom and Ireland
KE Canada
    KFW2401-2999 Wisconsin
KG Latin America - Mexico and Central America - West Indies. Caribbean area
KH South America
KJ-KK Europe
KL-KW Asia, Africa, Australia, Pacific Area, Antarctica
KZ Law of nations (KZ used since 1997)