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Biology 200: Writing in Biology: Search Tips

Biology Search Tips

This Common Search Tips (2:16 minutes) tutorial provides an overview of commonly used keyword search tips. Generally, you will start your research with keyword searches, so it is a good idea to memorize these tips. Also, instructions for searching databases, including date and format limits and other searches types, can be found on help screens in the databases.
Sample search:

("african clawed frog*" OR xenopus) AND "bisphenol a"

Boolean Operators

The yellow areas on these diagrams show what you will find when you use different Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT) to connect your terms.

combine two terms with AND to get the records with both of them in them     combine terms with OR to find records with either or both terms in them     combine terms with NOT to find records with the first term in them, but not the second one

For more tips, see the Search Strategies: Boolean Operators and Search Symbols guide.

Biology Database Tutorials

To access library databases, select the Articles/Databases tab on the box on the Andersen Library homepage. Here is a video tutorial that demonstrates Accessing Library Databases (0:59 minutes).

Below are some tutorials about searching in specific databases.

How do you know whether an article is scholarly or not? Check out the Scholarly Journal, Trade Magazine, & Popular Magazine guide.