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BEINDP 101: Business and Society

Getting started with LibKey Nomad

You can get started with LibKey Nomad in three easy steps:

  1. Install the LibKey Nomad extension and click on "Get LibKey Nomad Now" for your preferred browser.

    Note for Chrome Users: If you are using a university-owned computer and have synced your Chrome profile with your UWW account, you will need to Sign out or Pause your Chrome synching in order to get to the Google Chrome store and install the LibKey Nomad extension. Once you have downloaded the extension and approved it, then you can sign in again to your Chrome profile or un-pause your synch.

  2. Search for University of Wisconsin-Whitewater from the list of institutions.

    * The LibKey Nomad icon will appear in the top right of your browser window
  3. Start your search

    * When you are on a page where you can download an article, the LibKey Nomad button will appear in the bottom left of your browser