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Business Law

This guide is a starting point for Business Law resources.

Legal Databases


Primary sources in law include state and local statutes, regulations, case law* and court decisions and secondary sources:

(*Case law is "law based on judicial opinions, as opposed to law based on statutes, regulations, or other sources," according to NOLO's Plain English Law Dictionary.)

Watch the tutorial on finding court cases to the right: >> 


Secondary sources are legal commentary and analysis in trade and scholarly law review journals

Top Business Law Journals

Below are a few of the top business law journals you can access through the library, in print and online.

Current News

Government Sources

Andersen Library is a federal and Wisconsin depository library with federal and state government documents available to you in various formats (print, DVD/CD-ROM, online). You can find these resources on the lower level (1st floor) of the library in the Government Documents Collection. The following might be particularly useful for legal research:

  • Constitutions
  • Statutes
  • Codes

You can also find physical copies of various Reporters in the Law Collection on the main (2nd) floor of the library, including:

  • Federal Reporter
  • North Western Reporter