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Children's & YA Book Lists: LGTBQ+


This board was inspired by UW-Whitewater Chancellor Dwight Watson's publication, "Guide to Selection of Queer Adolescent Literature for Language Arts Teachers and Librarians," UNIVERSITAS: ​The University of Northern Iowa Journal of Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity. Volume 8, 2012-2013, authors Dwight C. Watson, Terri Lasswell, Stephanie Logan, and Yolanda Hood. We will continue to add related titles from the Andersen Library Curriculum Collections.

The authors "established a set of criteria that educators could use to select literature for use in the classroom," as follows:

  1. Curriculum Relevance
  2. Literary Merit
  3. Window and Mirrors
  4. Social Justice and Equity
  5. Non-stereotypical
  6. Pride, Resiliency, and Self-Actualization
  7. Sexual Expressiveness
  8. Inclusion and Diversity
  9. Offsetting Heterosexism and Homophobia/Challenging Heteronormativity