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Science Education (PreK-12)

Locate resources for Elementary and Secondary Science Education

Search UW-W Andersen Library: Research@UWW

Step 1. Start at the Library Home Page

Step 2. Try the following searches:search for "outstanding science trade books" AND water


  • use quotation marks around the phrase "Outstanding Science Trade Books"
  • change the dropdown menu to Books, Media & More

search for children's books about rain or the "water cycle" or clouds


  • connect synonyms or related terms with OR to find as many as possible
  • use the Location limits to narrow to just Curriculum Collection materials

select locations with Curriculum Collections in the name


Story Theme: Water = Agua

Here is just one example of how you can create multiple ties among stories:

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Teaching Resources & Lesson Plans

For teaching resources, more about the authors, and more about the books, don’t forget to explore the Teaching Books resources:

Find your own literature connections!

NSTA Outstanding Science Trade Books

Andersen Library regularly orders materials from the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) Outstanding Trade Books for Students K-12 listing. You will find these in the Curriculum Collection on the 2nd floor of the library.

Try out our Science Ed Resources Pinterest Boards!

Each thumbnail will link to the items in Research@UWW. You can see whether the item is available and where you'll find it in the library.

These Pinterest items are not necessarily NSTA Outstanding Science Trade Books, so if required for a class assignment, check the NSTA listing on this page.