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This guide will internally display any issues we are having with our resources, including an easy access form to report a new problem.

Outstanding Issues

Global Road Warrior "Forbidden" message  (2022-09-19)

Problem:  Sporadically students are receiving "Forbidden. You don't have permission to access this resource." No rhyme or reason because faculty and I have no problem, and even some students could get in all week and then not whereas others just can't get in.  Vendor notified.

Workaround:  None for this resource. Try CIA World Factbook or Business Insights:Global.


ACM Digital Library  (2022-09-12)

Problem:  When browsing journals using Firefox browser, the list of journals is truncated after clicking through to one of them.

Workaround:  Use Chrome.  Issue has been reported to ACM, who in turn has reported to Atypon.


Scientific American  (2022-11-16)

Problem:  Links, part of collection Nature(UW-Madison Shared), takes you to an Institutional Access page which is misleading. 

Workaround:  Scroll down the page until you see the Archives, and then pick the date range you need. Once here, you can then use Advanced Search and enter the title of the article.  The Basic Search results in too many false hits.

Madison has been notified and are working with the vendor.


Academy of Management Annual Meeting Proceedings only has selected items Full-Text  (2022-09-19)

Problem:  Coverage of this journal indicates full-text from 2005, but according to EBSCO only a few select reports are published in full-text, the rest are very detailed (6-page) abstracts.  When the author provides the full-text they will load it, but there is no set time-frame for when, of even IF, that happens.

Workaround:  None.

Update from ExLibris (2023-01-11): The availability of content is determined by its journal coverage dates. Specific articles can't be excluded from coverages. If a vendor sends us a content and marks it as a full text we assume all the articles inside the coverage dates are available for the users. Unfortunately there is no technical way of not showing some of the articles.


Jurimetrics indexed in Primo but missing from Gale  (2022-04-04)

Problem:  Primo is correctly indicating we have access to articles in Jurimetrics, but there are several entire issues missing from Gale. A ticket has been opened with Gale to load the missing content.


  • 2014, Volume 54, Issue 2
  • Mar 2018, Vol. 54, No.3
  • July 2018, Vol. 58, No. 4
  • Dec 2018, Vol. 59, No. 1
  • Jan 2019, Vol. 59, No. 2
  • Apr 2019, Vol. 59, No. 3


  • Jan  2016 Vol. 56 No. 2 is mismarked as Dec 22, 2016

Workaround:  None. Gale is the only provider of this journal in our resources.


American Communication Journal appears to not be indexed in Primo  (2021-05-25)

Problem:  When searching Primo for articles in this journal, Primo does not find anything -- even on Expand Beyond UWW.  We have access to this journal through Communication & Mass Media Complete and I have verified that the articles exist with full-text.

Workaround:  Go directly into Communication & Mass Media Complete from the Database A-Z list or the journal from the Journal Search page.  Then perform your article search.


Gale multi-volume encyclopedias (ex. New Catholic Encyclopedia)  (2021-03-04)

Problem:  Primo displays 16 separate links with the exact same label under one main record, but each link takes you to separate volume with no way of knowing which volume you are going to.  ExLibris and Gale are going back and forth about "is it a problem", "whose problem is it", etc.

Workaround:  None, for direct link into the resource.  On the Gale side there is no primary record for the ebook; just each volume as a stand alone.

There are separate entries for each "article" in the encyclopedia, so doing a Research@UWW will find those entries.  But they will have duplicate links sending you to the exact same page.  Confusing, but gets you where needed.

Resolution:  (2022-10-05) ExL continues to receive complaints regarding seemingly duplicate entries displaying, because this structure is used across multiple Gale products, so they have issued a Knowledge Article for internal tracking and continue to work with Gale towards a resolution. 

(2022-03-08)  Unresolvable, according to ExLibris.  Gale has the same ISBN for each of the volumes, so when they send the data to ExLibris there is no way to stop them from merging together as one main "title", but the links remain separate because they have unique URL's.  ExLibris has requested Gale to make ISBN's for each volume, but doubtful that will happen.

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