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This guide will internally display any issues we are having with our resources, including an easy access form to report a new problem.

Find It -- Link Resolver Redirects

The Find It link resolver redirects have been turned off by System on September 1st.  I believe I have modified all affected vendors so if you come across one that is still redirecting to the old, please let me know!

Database Access Issues

Wiley Search Box text not displaying when typing  (2021-08-16)

Problem:  When clicking on the search box, the "journal" drop-down box covers the left portion of the search box and anything that you type in.  It appears that it isn't working, but it is just covered.

Update: (2021-11-08) Now appears to also be a problem in Firefox as well as Chrome (both desktop version).

Workaround:  Make your screen max size.  This realigns the pieces of the search box so you can see your typing.  Surprisingly, this doesn't appear to be a problem on the mobile version of the platform -- just on the web version where the browser screen is not large enough.


Education Research Complete missing some journals  (2021-07-06)

Problem:  Education Research Complete appears to be missing several random journals, while still having over 2000 present. These also show won't show up on Journal A-Z list nor will it find those articles in Primo.

Workaround:  Go directly into resource. ExLibris contacted to get correct holdings.


Ad Age & Ad Age Data Center error (2021-02-02)

Problem:  When trying to access Ad Age & Ad Age Date Center you receive an Account Center page with the error message "The key you provided is not valid."

Workaround:  None.  Working with Vendor.


ProQuest "Cite" error  (2021-02-02)

Problem:  In any ProQuest database, when using APA 7th for "Cite", you receive error "An error occurred accessing the QuikBib Service."

Workaround:  None.  ProQuest is aware and working on fix but do not have an ETA.


Gale Resources not always linking correctly to article  (2020-02-20)

Problem:  When starting from Primo, the links to the Gale In Context series results in a "you do not have access" error.  This happens to In Context -- but the Gale OneFile works just fine.

2020-10-29: Update.  This is happening in more Gale resources, but showing different availability (or lack thereof) messages. Though the display issue varies (with no consistency I can find), it all relates to the Parser Parameters being set incorrectly by Ex Libris.  They have updated our ticket to "Pending Development" but have not given me an ETA yet.

Workaround:  Go to the Database A-Z list for the appropriate Gale database and find the desired resource directly.  The problem is only in Primo (from what I have seen)

E-Journal Access Issues

American Communication Journal appears to not be indexed in Primo  (2021-05-25)

Problem:  When searching Primo for articles in this journal, Primo does not find anything -- even on Expand Beyond UWW.  We have access to this journal through Communication & Mass Media Complete and I have verified that the articles exist with full-text.

Workaround:  Go directly into Communication & Mass Media Complete from the Database A-Z list or the journal from the Journal Search page.  Then perform your article search.

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