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News Literacy Guide: Beyond News and Politics

Misinformation in Cooking and Crafts?

Misinformation, click-baiting, and bad content gaming algorithms isn't just in the realm of news and politics. You may be surprised to find that when you're looking for "life hacks," easy cooking cheats, or quick DIYs you may also be encountering misinformation. The recipes. hacks, and how-tos are edited in a way where the end result does not reflect reality, leaving the user believing they're the ones making the mistakes.

Sometimes "hacks" can even be dangerous! Please, don't bleach strawberries or put hot caramel on an electric beater!

Ann Reardon: Fake Cooking Debunker

On her channel "How to Cook That" pastry chef, dietician, and food scientist Ann Reardon has made several videos displaying how some viral cooking and crafting hacks do not work. In this video, she also takes a deep dive, along with her former journalist husband, into who is making this content and why.

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