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Preparing for the Research@UWW Upgrade

Updating links in Canvas and elsewhere

The URLs you use to access items in Research@UWW (sometimes called permalinks) will change when we upgrade to the new version on May 20, 2021. We will try to automatically redirect links to the same items in the new version, but that is not a permanent solution and may not work for all URLs.

If you have any links to Research@UWW in Canvas courses or sandboxes that you plan on using after the Spring 2021 semester, you should update the links for the new version of Research@UWW. It is a quick process that will help ensure your students can access the materials.

  1. Here are some examples of old Research@UWW URLs. You can tell that they are from the old version based on the highlighted text:

    Old URL:

    Old URL:


  2. On or after May 20, 2021, go to one of the old Research@UWW URLs. You can select the link in Canvas or copy and paste it into your browser's address bar.

  3. You should automatically be redirected to the new Research@UWW page. Click the Permalink button to view and copy the new URL.

  4. The new URL should start with the following highlighted text. The rest of the URL will probably also be different than the old URL.

    New URL: