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Management 364: Sustainable Management: Searching for Articles

A guide to help you find sustainability resources for Carol Brunt's class.

Articles from Environmental Databases

Start with the resources in the Excel sheet from Dr. Brunt. 

Below here are a few other recommended Library databases to find articles on your company. Some possible key terms (also consider variations) to use when searching, in addition to your company name: 

environment* sustainab* green "company profile"
impact* effect* (ESG OR CSR) "case study"


InterLibrary Loan

Problem: Since this is a rather niche topic, we will probably not have full-text access to all of the articles you want.  

The solution?  Start your research early, and use InterLibrary Loan!

This is a great solution for those articles you find on Google Scholar linkthat aren't freely available!  

This is a FREE service to you at UW-Whitewater.  Just log in to your My ILLiad account from our homepage:

My Accounts link

Or click on the "Request via ILL" link that you may see in some databases.  

Our staff will request the item from another library.  You will get an email when the item is available -- usually 2-3 days for an article to be delivered electronically; 5-7 days for a book or other physical item to come in through the mail. 

Advanced Searching Tips

One major benefit of using the library's databases instead of Google: more advanced searching abilities!

To review what we discussed in class: 

Truncation -- shorten a word and add the * to find all possible endings of that root word.  Will bring you more results.  For example: 

             Environment* will find environment, environmental, environmentally...

             Sustainab* will find sustainable, sustainability...

             Effect* will find effect, effects, effective, effectual...

Phrase searching -- use the " " (quotation marks) to tell the database to find the words in that exact order, as a phrase.  Will bring you fewer results.  For example: 

              green building = 5,644 results                                            "green building" = 2923 results

Boolean commands -- use these to tell the database how to understand your search words. 

              AND requires that your results contain all of the search words.  For example, "green building" AND effect* AND education

              OR requires that your results contain any one of the search words.  This is helpful when you are searching for closely-related words, or synonyms.  For example, sustainab* OR environment* -- they are closely related. 

Subject searching -- under Advanced Search in most of our databases, use the drop-down menu and choose Subject Terms to indicate that you want these search terms to be named as major subjects of the article -- not just mentioned once or twice in the text. 


You can even combine all the above elements. So you might have a search like this: 

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